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The Flyin’ Frog – Spring 2017 Newsletter


Congratulations to the Cadets of Det 845 for completing another great year. I can’t express how proud I am of each and every one of you. By the end of this year we will have provided the Air Force with 6 top quality new second lieutenants. We’ve also sent 9 cadets to LEAD, 2 to Project Go internships, 2 for Operation Air Force and another to jump training at the Air Force Academy. Once again Det 845 has finished strong and has some of the top performers in the nation.

Next year is yet another year of challenges. I’m happy to welcome Tarleton State University (TSU) as the newest member of the Det 845 family. TCU and TSU have agreed to allow students from TSU to attend and participate in AFROTC at TCU. While there are going to be challenges implementing this new agreement it will be extremely beneficial to both institutions and the Air Force. I look to the cadet leadership this next year to ensure full integration of these top students from Tarleton.

For those of you at LEAD and other summer programs, good luck. All others, enjoy your summer, stay safe and come back ready to push the Det to new heights.

–Lt Col Darin Gregg

View the full Spring 2017 Newsletter (PDF).