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Where will your learning take you?

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Do you dream of studying a foreign language in Spain? Exploring Athens and learning about ancient religion? Or is trekking across the Scottish countryside more your thing?  

No matter which adventure is calling your name, you'll find endless opportunities for learning and exploration through study abroad. Explore our programs below. 


The COVID-19 global pandemic has temporarily stopped our study abroad programs, although we expect them to resume as quickly as possible. Here are a few of our past programs that may be offered again in the future:

Past Programs

Students will spend 26 days in stunning east-central European cities that are bucket list destinations for visitors from around the world. From dramatic history, flamboyant architecture, imperial palaces, and landscapes featured in Game of Thrones, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria and Croatia have much to offer. Many students who have participated in this program have found it to “a life altering experience.” Apply early to secure your spot!


Join us for an inspiring journey deep into the majestic rainforests of Indonesian Borneo to observe orangutan, proboscis monkeys, two species of macaque and a host of other amazing forest animals and exceptional flora. Our trip will take us into the forests of Tanjung Puting National Park to Camp Leakey, where students will learn first-hand from experts involved in orangutan rescue and rehabilitation about the social and cultural drivers of species endangerment and the extraordinary ongoing commitments of local people and non-profit conservation groups to save the orangutans and their forests. As we explore, we will have many opportunities to learn from locals about their deep connections to the forests and the culture and history of the area. The course is open to students from all majors and minors, but is especially relevant for Human-Animal Relationships minors, and majors and minors in Anthropology, Environmental Science and/or Sociology. Graduate students studying in areas related to environmental science or science education may enroll with special permission.


We invite students to live with Chilean families in Santiago from December 26 - January 10, to learn from interactions with people, hands-on activities, visits to historic/cultural sites, and simply enjoying this lovely city. Leave the cold behind! 15 days of beautiful summer weather awaits us in Santiago, so students may get adventurous in the city and get a true immersion experience of Hispanic language and culture.


This two-week course introduces students to Chinese history, politics, economics, and civilization through visits to important sites primarily in Beijing and Shanghai. Students will have an opportunity to visit the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Lama Temple, among other places of cultural, historical, and political significance. We will also meet with locals to discuss urban planning, economic and cultural issues affecting modern China, and traditional Chinese medicine. Through these experiences students will gain a better understanding of China and see how one of the world’s most rapidly developing countries is adjusting to the demands of globalization. Click the button below for more information!


A three-week adventure into the jungles of Costa Rica for a philosophical exploration of mind, consciousness, and self. A large part of discovering who one is involves understanding one’s interconnectedness with other people and the natural environment. Citizens of Costa Rica refer to the beauty, simplicity and easy pace of life as la pura vida or “the pure life,” and the Nicoya Peninsula is designated as one of the world’s five Blue Zones, where people tend to enjoy the longest and the healthiest lives. You will immerse yourself in topics such as attention and awareness, embodiment, social/environmental “situatedness,” interpersonal neurobiology, and animal minds. The course offers you a unique opportunity for self-understanding and self-discovery! Click the button below for more details about this program!


Join us on a journey back in time to experience the rich and influential cultures of ancient Greece and Rome. We will focus on examining the beliefs and religious practices that can be witnessed through the art and archaeological remains of these great Mediterranean civilizations. As we explore, we will seek to understand how the Greeks and Romans answered the deepest questions of human existence -- questions about the meaning of life, about what lies beyond the grave, and about the existence and nature of the divine. We will travel to several important religious and historical sites throughout Greece – including Athens and Corinth, before taking an overnight sea voyage to Italy to see Pompeii, Herculaneum, and finally Rome. To find out more about this exciting program, click the button below!


Experience what it’s like to live for 3 weeks in iconic London, a truly global city and the source of revolutionary ideas and events that have shaped social and political life for humankind time and time again. Through site-based learning, students develop a social justice lens for viewing leadership and the pressing challenges we face as global citizens. London’s historic sites, cultural traditions and conflicts, diverse communities, and laws & public policies provide us with the perfect context for learning about transformational leaders, the drivers of social change and the progression of human rights. The program will culminate in the Netherlands, where we will tour the International Criminal Courts, where war crimes and human rights violations are investigated and prosecuted. To find out more about this program, click the button below!


This program will provide students with the opportunity to improve their Spanish language abilities and deepen their appreciation and understanding of Spanish culture and history. A primary focus of the program is to study Granada’s remarkable history as a center of convivencia (“living with”/ “coexistence”) between Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Through a combination of intensive classroom instruction and carefully chosen cultural excursions, students will return to TCU with a solid understanding of Spanish convivencia as a strong example of cross-cultural and interfaith engagement and mutual respect— a supremely important and evocative lesson for today’s global citizen. Studying with TCU in Granada results in six hours of upper-level credit.


Spain’s rich cultural heritage and language will come alive as you experience life as a global citizen on the Iberian Peninsula. After visiting major sites in Madrid and Toledo, we will travel to Salamanca where we will spend the next three weeks living with a Spanish host family while studying the Spanish language, history, and culture. You will also learn how to cook one of Spain's most typical dishes and observe how the Spanish flamenco guitar is made. Not only will you visit the main attractions in Salamanca, but you will also visit other important cities in Spain to experience the rich and varied traditions of this beautiful land firsthand. Besides gaining a better understanding of Spanish culture, you will also gain more confidence in your Spanish-speaking abilities. ¡Olé! – Click on the button below for further details.


Modern Scotland is a country long contested and long the origin of many aspects of western civilization. This program offers two courses, The Rock Cycle and War and Society: Forming Scotland to explore key aspects of Scotland's history and influence. The Rock Cycle explores geology in the physical and historical context of the country in which its examples and principles were first developed. Students learn about basic geological principles that have shaped the geography and the people of Scotland. War and Society: Forming Scotland begins with the Roman occupation of northern England; continues with a discussion of Scottish customs, culture, and institutions; explores the Wars for Scottish Independence; the fourteenth century Anglo-Scottish Wars, the fourteenth and fifteenth century Wars of the Three Kingdoms, and the seventeenth century English Civil War and Jacobite Uprising; finally with the Act of Union in 1707 Scottish forces merged with English forces, fighting in all British wars from the eighteenth to today. Click the button below to discover more about the details of this exciting program!



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