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Interdisciplinary Minors

Supplement your major with a minor that will expand your worldview and give you in-depth knowledge about a group of people, a place or a cultural phenomenon.

Students sitting on the Great Wall of China

Interdisciplinary minors are open to all TCU majors, and can help make your degree more specialized and marketable to employers and graduate programs.

Middle East Studies

Discover a window into the rich and complex worlds that touch our own.

Middle East studies students gain a comprehensive understanding of the history, religion, culture, languages and politics of the Middle East and North Africa. Equipped with this deep and nuanced knowledge, you'll be able to see beyond today's headlines to comprehend the multi-faceted issues shaping world affairs.

Why MES?

The Middle East has been an area of intense scrutiny and turmoil in the past few decades, and knowledge of the historical context and cultural reasons behind the conflicts are vitally important if you want to work in an international market. Whether you're looking to enter politics, international economics or simply gain a deeper understanding of current events, MES can help.

Explore classes like:

  • Politics of the Middle East
  • Islam
  • History of Syria and Iraq

Asian Studies

Enlighten your career path by looking back a few thousand years.

Minoring in Asian studies immerses you in the language, culture, history, religion and philosophy of the peoples of South and East Asia. This allows you to better understand the history and culture of the largest population of people in our world.

Why Asian studies?

Asia is huge, and it will continue to grow and foster some of the largest economies in the world. Whether you're studying business, economics or literature, an understanding of Asian culture will prepare you for a career in the global market.

Explore classes like:

  • Politics of Japan
  • Entrepreneurship in China
  • Hinduism

Digital Culture and Data Analytics

Prepare for a future where technology and sweeping cultural change are inseparable.

DCDA is designed for students with an interest in how digital technologies shape, analyze and articulate contemporary culture.


Technology is everywhere, and it will continue to be a driving force behind our society's evolution. Understanding the role of technology in society will help you enter the workforce prepared to make key ethical decisions regarding the future, and future limits, of technology. This minor is especially important for liberal arts students who are hoping to integrate their courses of study with the modern workforce.

Explore classes like:

  • Technology, Social Media and Society
  • Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Multimedia Authoring
  • Crime Mapping

Human-Animal Relationships

The creatures sharing our planet teach us about ourselves.

The HARE minor gives students a chance to explore the crucial, diverse and yet often overlooked roles animals play in human society, culture and well-being. You'll choose from courses taught in a variety of programs, including anthropology, art, biology, English, environmental science, geography and more.


The relationships between humans and animals play a critical role in nearly every career field. Whether you're examining the ethics of animal testing in science, the use of animal imagery in marketing or the popularity of dog-friendly business ventures, this minor will help you understand why animals are such an important part of human society.

Explore classes like:

  • Animals, Religion and Culture
  • Making Animal Imagery
  • Animal Assisted Therapy

Classical Studies

To understand society's biggest ideas, look back about 2,300 years.

Through classical studies, you'll engage with the highly influential history and cultures of the ancient Greco-Roman world. Classical studies provide a rich site for the exploration of the fundamental question of the humanities: what does it mean to be human?

Why classical studies?

Classical studies examines the thoughts, histories and stories that form the backbone of modern society. You'll graduate with a better understanding of why things function the way they do today. By doing so, you'll be able to critically examine society and help formulate ideas that move us forward.

Explore classes like:

  • The Greek World
  • Ancient Philosophy
  • Paul and the Early Church
  • Ancient Greek

Urban Studies

To examine our cities is to explore the human condition.

The urban studies minor is intended for students who are looking for a multi-disciplinary approach to the exploration of cities. You'll explore the organization of urban space, the varied and multiple dimensions of urban life and the many challenges presented by the rapid pace of urban change in the 21st century.

Why urban studies?

As cities continue to expand, it's important to understand what makes design and policy so important to the success of an urban district. Students from all disciplines benefit from understanding the strategic makeup of cities.

Explore classes like:

  • An Urban World
  • Urban Politics
  • Urban & Business Applications for GIS

British Colonial/ Post-Colonial Studies

A few well-chosen subjects can add worth to your degree.

The BCPCS minor focuses on the culture and history of Great Britain and its impact on the world, especially its former and current colonies. The minor provides a framework for investigating globalization and how British politics, economy and culture have impacted the world – and continue to do so today.


As one of the United States' closest allies, Britain plays a large role in society today. This minor provides information that will help you understand the history of Britain, as well as its modern economy, political system and more.

Explore classes like:

  • Major British Writers
  • Making of Modern England
  • British Cinema and European Culture

African American & Africana Studies

Explore the heritages and cultures of the peoples of the African Diaspora and of African Americans.

This minor is truly interdisciplinary, meaning you’ll have an opportunity to study with faculty in different academic departments, like History, Religion, Sociology and Political Science, and will graduate with an understanding of the heritages and culture of African Americans and the African Diaspora.

Plus, as the U.S. population has grown more racially diverse, an appreciation of African American history, culture, and society enhances your success in any career. Understanding and navigating successfully across cultural differences will equip you to lead and learn from others no matter your professional pathway.

Explore classes like:

  • Engaging Difference and Diversity in America
  • Africa Through Film
  • The Civil Rights Movement in America

Latinx Studies

Experience a deeper understanding of the cultures and traditions of the Latin world and its significance on American life.

Why Latinx studies?
Latina/os comprise an estimated 19% of the United States population, a number expected to grow in the next decade. Understanding this key population is vital for a broadened perspective on American society. By knowing more about the history and culture of different populations, you’ll be better prepared to make strategic decisions in areas of policy, marketing, law, business and more.

Explore classes like:

  • Archeology of Mexico and Peru
  • Hispanic Literature in the USA
  • Latina Feminist Religious Thought