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A mastery of multiple languages is essential for success in our global society.


Recent Publications

“Teachers’ bicultural awareness in Chinese language education”

Guangyan Chen

The Routledge handbook of Chinese language teaching (pp. 627-640)

“Performed Culture in Chinese Language Education: A Culture-Based Approach for U.S. Collegiate Context ”

Guangyan Chen

Lexington Books

“Between the Stage and the Street: Art and Artifice in Giordano Bruno’s Candelaio”

Nicholas Albanese

Explorations in Renaissance Culture, Vol. 45, Number 2, Fall 2019, pp. 165-186

“The First Nippo-Kanak Novel: Decolonizing Trauma in Dany Dalmayrac’s Les sentiers de l’espoir ”

Benjamin Ireland

Modern Language Review, Modern Humanities Research Association

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