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Language Houses


The primary mission of the MOLA Language House Program (Chinese, French,  German, and Italian) is to assist House residents in realizing their non-English language learning goals. Each year, the Language House Coordinators (native, near-native, and other competent speakers of Chinese, French, German, or Italian), are on site to speak with the House residents, to provide language tutoring, and to organize cultural events.

Above all, the Language Houses are about having fun, living in a diverse community, making life-long connections, and thinking about different positionalities and ways of being in the world. Organized activities all tie into MOLA’s four major shared learning outcomes: ease of communication in the L2, cultural acumen vis-à-vis a non-English speaking culture, appraisal of one’s own cultural practices in relationship to the foreign culture, and the importance of diversity and transglobal (self)awareness.  

The coordinators are carefully chosen and supported by faculty, and they organize regular weekly conversation hours and cultural events as an extension of, and supplement to, classroom practice.

This immersive experience advances language and cultural abilities, equips students for a more in-depth study abroad experience, and provides an opportunity for those returning from abroad to continue progress in the target language.


The MOLA Language Houses are located in the heart of campus on the second floor of Mabee and Herndon Halls within the Tom Brown-Pete Wright Residence Community. The student-residents are within short walking distance to all the classroom buildings, the Brown-Lupton Union, the Mary Couts Burnett Library, and the Recreation Center.


Currently, all students - including incoming first-year students - who are studying French, Chinese, German, or Italian at TCU have the opportunity to live in the MOLA Language Houses. All levels of language learners, from beginner to advanced, are welcome in the MOLA Language Houses. Next to the suites, a dual-language and dual-culture lounge accommodates small group meetings and events.  

How much?

The cost of housing is posted at Housing Apartment Rates and Meal plans.

For more information about the MOLA Language House program, contact the faculty advisors by clicking on the appropriate link below.

Language House Application