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Engage with questions about life's ultimate meaning.

No matter what you want to do, understanding religion is essential to understanding the world around you. When you study religion, you're studying meaning – how we interpret, govern and determine our purpose in the world around us. 

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Department of Religion

WOMAN AS GURU Antoinette DeNapoli is advancing the understanding of female empowerment in patriarchal religions.

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Recent Publications

Women and Representation in Buddhist Asia: Innovative Pedagogies, Alternative Narratives, and Reimagined Philosophies

Antoinette DeNapoli

Gurus, Priestesses, Saints, Mediums and Yoginis: Holy Women as 'Influencers' in Hindu Culture

Antoinette DeNapoli

‘We Survived This’: California Missions, Colonialism, and Indigenous Survival

Abel R. Gomez

Qur’an Commentary and the Biblical Turn: A History of Muslim Exegetical Engagement with the Biblical Text

Samuel J. Ross

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