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Majors & Minors

A view of the Robert Carr Chapel on TCU’s campus

Bachelor of Arts in Religion

Courses in the department approach religious traditions historically, textually, aesthetically, philosophically and comparatively, and consider the role of religion in society, culture and individual life. These courses introduce students to various methods and issues in the study of religion; familiarize them with the beliefs and practices of various religious traditions; develop their critical thinking, reading and writing skills; and encourage them to explore and evaluate their own culturally conditioned self-understandings and ultimate commitments. 

Degree Requirements

Choose two (2) courses from the Communities section. 


A Choose two (2) courses from the Texts and Ideas section.


 Choose two (2) courses from the Society and Culture section.


  • All students pursuing the BA degree in AddRan College must demonstrate competency in a foreign language equivalent to the completion of the fourth semester (20063, 20203, or 20213) of TCU language courses
  • RELI 40603: Capstone Seminar
  • Nine (9) hours in additional Religion electives

Additionally, the following requirements must be met within the 30 hours:

  • At least three hours must be taken at the 10000 level, and no more than six hours may be taken at that level.
  • Three hours must be taken in a specifically designated Sophomore Seminar.
  • At least 18 hours must be taken at the 30000 level or above.

All Courses


Minor in Religion

The minor in religion requires 18 semester hours with at least one course from each of the three broad course groups:

  • Communities
  • Texts and Ideas
  • Society and Culture

Minors are required to take at least one 10000-level course. No more than two 10000-level courses will count toward the minor. At least nine of the 18 hours must be at the 30000 or 40000 level.