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By studying different religious doctrines, rituals, stories and scriptures throughout time, you learn how religious traditions shape all aspects of life — politics, science, literature, art, law, economics — and continue to transform themselves.

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Whether it’s Rasta or Buddhism or Native American traditions, you’ll learn what various religions offer the world today. And you’ll come to understand how these religions —  whether in a historical sense or in contemporary settings — impact policymaking, ideas of social justice and day-to-day personal interactions around the globe.

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The Daryl D. Schimdt Lectureship on Religion in Public Life

This biennial lecture commemorates the life and work of a TCU religion professor and New Testament scholar who believed that scholars should and can make a difference in society.

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Religion News

TCU Installs Monument Dedicated to Native American Peoples
TCU has taken a major step forward by installing a monument between Reed and Jarvis Halls that acknowledges all Native American peoples who have liv...
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Religion Professor Wins Award for Texas Observer Piece
On Saturday, April 7th, Professor David Brockman (Religion) received a Wilbur Award at the Religion Communicators Awards Banquet in Atlanta, Georgia. ...
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Interfaith Leadership Today: Why it Matters
On October 2nd, Eboo Patel took the stage in the Brown Lupton University Union Ballroom as this year’s honored speaker for the Daryl D. Schmidt ...
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Middleton TCU 2016
The Pearl Blizek Lecture by Dr. Darren J. N. Middleton
Dr. Darren J. N. Middleton was recently invited to present The Pearl Blizek Lecture on Religion and Art to the Black Studies and Religious Studies pr...
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The Schmidt Lectureship on Religion in Public Life Presents: Eboo Patel
The Daryl D. Schmidt Lectureship on Religion in Public Life will take place on October 3rd at 7 p.m. in the Brown-Lupton University Union Ballroom. Eb...
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