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AddRan College of Liberal Arts

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Strategic Plan

At the heart of our vision for the future is a singular goal: to give our students so much more than a degree.

Two students sit near a statue in the lobby of Scharbauer Hall


The value of the liberal arts lies beyond the trade skills our students can learn in a classroom. Instead, we equip our students with unique and immeasurably value methods of thinking that will carry them through their entire careers, both personally and professionally. 


TCU's Vision in Action: Lead On


Goal One: Strengthen Academic Programs & Reputation

AddRan College measures its academic strength by the quality of its academic programs, faculty research and creative activity, and the success students derived from our collective belief in,
and practice of, the Teacher-Scholar model.


Goal Two: Strengthen Endowment

By increasing endowed programs and the number of endowed chairs and professors AddRan College seeks to sustain and enhancethe TCU Endowment assets while elevating
our academic profile and reputation.


Goal Three: Strengthen TCU Experience and Campus Culture

AddRan College maintains a strong relationship to the Fort Worth community and beyond through public lectures and symposiums inwhich faculty, students, staff and area residentscome together.


Goal Four: Strengthen Workforce

Diverse workforces and student bodies createsuccessful, creative and profitable environmentsaccording to a wide array of recent research.AddRan College is a campus leader in its efforts tostrengthen workforce diversity and transform the current racial and gender climate through academic programs, co-curricular programming, courseofferings, hiring, and professional development.


Strategic Plan