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AddRan College of Liberal Arts

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"Liberal arts is the front porch of the university. AddRan really is the heart of TCU." - Dean Sonja Watson, Ph.D.

Students wave at the camera as they walk along the Campus Commons

By supporting AddRan College, you’re investing in future learning opportunities for our students and faculty, and Lead On: A Campaign for TCU.

Funding Priorities

In AddRan, our students come first. Your gifts will help create and sustain programs geared towards innovative student learning opportunities, like:

Study Abroad Programs

Through study abroad, students are able to immerse themselves in different cultures – opening their eyes to customs, languages and perspectives different from their own.

The Washington Internship Program

This semester-long internship program through the Department of Political Science allows students to live, learn and work in Washington, D.C. The program provides opportunities for students to gain in-depth knowledge of the United States political system, policies and more. 

The Center for Digital Expression

The Center for Digital Expression (CDEX) is helping to bring the humanities into the digital age. Not only is the space available for classroom use, but it also hosts workshops on coding, video production, digital publishing and more. 

The Center for Texas Studies

The Center for Texas Studies is a leader in promoting, preserving and teaching the heritage of Texas. Through community engagement, research and publishing the Center provides valuable learning opportunities for students and community members alike. 

The Center for Urban Studies

The Center for Urban Studies promotes research and education on critical urban and metropolitan issues, and partners with organizations working on these issues in the Fort Worth and greater North Texas communities.

The Center for Languages and Cultures

The Center for Languages and Culture (CLC) is a new center on campus, aimed at expanding language-learning opportunities for our students. Through workshops, events and state-of-the-art technology, the center provides a dedicated space for language immersion and the study of culture.