TCU English takes on the British Women Writers Conference


First Row: Linda K. Hughes, Anne Frey, Mona Narain, Lesa Scholl; Second Row: Toya Mary Okonkwo, Susanna Sandford, Heidi Hakimi-Hood, Kate Lysinger, Kaylee Henderson, Mary McCulley

The TCU English Department and TCU Women and Gender Studies traveled to Austin on April 11-15th for the British Women Writers Conference.

The team of 14 TCUstudents, alumni, and faculty represented our departments well by engaging and partaking in presentations and roundtable discussions. Our own Tyler Dukes, Heidi Hakimi-Hood and Linda K. Hughes even moderated sessions at this year’s conference.

Congratulations to this team of dedicated Horned Frogs for your work at this year’s British Women Writers Conference!


Conference Presenters:

Mary McCulley (Cedarville University): “Consider the Lily: Lilias Trotter, Christina Rossetti and the Cross-Continental Sacred Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood”

Lindsy Lawrence (University of Arkansas Fort Smith): “Jane Eyre’s Textual Daughters: Re-visioning Motherhood in Winifred Holtby’s South Riding and Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca

Wendy Williams (Texas Christian University): “George Eliot’s Autobiographical Examination in ‘Self and Life’”

Elaine Lysinger (Texas Christian University): “Ecofeminism is an Agricultural Act: Using George Egerton’s Keynotes and Discords to Reinterpret Victorian Ecofeminism”

Tyler Jean Dukes (Texas Christian University): “Venus, Ekphrasis, and the Triadic Mode of Creation in Vernon Lee and Michael Field”

Toya Mary Okonkwo (Texas Christian University): “Tigers and Imoinda: Seven Labors of Her Heart”

Round Tableon Teaching and Studying Victorian Women Writers Intersectionally:  Linda K. Hughes, Kaylee Henderson, Sofia Prado Huggins, Tyler Dukes, Elaine Lysinger, Susannah Sanford McDaniel (Texas Christian University)

Sofia Prado Huggins (Texas Christian University): “Unrecoverable Time and the (Re)constructed Subject in Gaskell’s North and South

Annette Wren (Texas Christian University): “Two Janes”

Heidi S. Hakimi-Hood (Texas Christian University): “New Directions for Reclaiming Her Health: Maria Rundell’s Guide for Women’s Wellness and Self Care”

Anne Frey (Texas Christian University): “History and Legal Change in Mary Shelley’s Valperga

Susannah B. Sanford McDaniel (Texas Christian University): “Celestina’s Self: the Political Poetess and Britishness”

Claire Landes (Texas Christian University): “Catherine Crowe’s Pioneering Fiction: Sensational Scientific Instruction”

Mona Narain Scholarship editor for the Journal [ABO: Interactive Journal for Women in the Arts, 1660-1830] sponsored by TCU


The British Women Writers Conference has been operating since 1991 and celebrates 18th and 19th century British Women Writers. This conference aims to “encourage important archival work on lesser-known women writers” by offering a critical eye to often an overlooked part of British literature’s past. To learn more about the BWWC Conference, check out