TCU English professor, Dr. Chantel Langlinais Carlson, returns to her roots with collaborative poetry project

Dr. Chantel Langlinais Carlson was recently published in Writing Texas for her collaborative poetry and photography project. This project comes out of Dr. Carlson’s childhood memories visiting family in New Orleans, and was done in collaboration with her cousin, Karen Dantin Gros, who is a professional photographer in New Orleans.

Courtesy of Karen Dantin Gros in collaboration with Dr. Chantel Langlinais Carlson

Alongside creative work and photographs, this project features a female narrator in order to “give voice to our stories on our grief, loss, and perseverance, and in doing so we are blurring the lines between my past and [Gros’] present,” Dr. Carlson writes.

The inspiration for this collaboration came not only out of childhood memories, but also out of remembrance.

“These family members [in this project] are either now deceased, or I am no longer in contact with them,” Dr. Carlson writes. “Memory, then, is all I have left when I find myself passing through the city.”

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