Research Finds Prisoner Re-entry Programs Essential, but in Need of Greater Cooperation

New research finds that prisoner re-entry programs are integral to a successful return to society, but they can be exceedingly difficult to navigate, especially for those who need the services most. However, it also finds that long-term partnerships and coordination between re-entry service providers can help make the process more efficient and less confusing.

“People overcome a lot of obstacles coming back into society, facing everything from concrete issues, like finding housing and employment, to living with the stigma of being labeled as an ex-convict,” said Johnny Nhan, lead author of the paper and associate professor of criminal justice at Texas Christian University. “But the correctional system is oriented more toward punishment than helping people re-enter society. That’s what makes these re-entry services so important in avoiding recidivism.”

“We hope that by highlighting some of the challenges in North Texas, organizations across the country can work to collaborate with one another and provide these ex-offenders their best second chance.”
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