Recent graduate receives fullbright award

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Garrett Gomez graduated as an Honors Laureate with degrees in English, Spanish and Hispanic studies.

Garrett Gomez, who recently graduated a laureate from the John V. Roach Honors College with a double degree in English and Spanish and Hispanic Studies, is one of four TCU students awarded a Fulbright in 2018.

The program, a highly competitive undergraduate scholarship, will allow Gomez to live and work in Mexico as an English Teaching Assistant. According to TCU This Week, Gomez endeavors not only to “teach his students about American culture, and build online creative spaces where students can… share their favorite parts of the community,” but also to learn from his fellow teachers about how technology (and other measures) can be used to improve the classroom.

In recalling the application process, Gomez remarks that, in a sense, it allowed him to “truly [realize his] focus and direction in life,” in part from having to extensively revise his essays. He believes TCU prepared him to apply in a number of ways: granting him the opportunity to study abroad and teach English to elementary students in Spain, teaching him to understand Spanish across a multitude of regions and cultures, and to write exceptional essays. “Shoutout to Mary Alice Soreiro and the Study Abroad team… Sohyun Lee, Donald Frischmann, Alex Lemon, Curt Rode, Neil Easterbrook, Joe Darda, and everyone else that helped along the way,” Gomez says.

When asked about how he expects the experience will change him, Gomez mentioned the challenges that he would encounter, from a new country to a new classroom setting. “But the thing about Fulbright,” Gomez says, “is that if it weren’t challenging, I wouldn’t be growing.”

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program offers English Teaching Assistant or independent research opportunities to recent graduates, graduate students, and other young professionals. The Program aims to increase and maintain good relations between the U.S. and its 140 participating host countries.