A Forum Celebrating 200 Years of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein


October 18

7:00  Film showing:  Frankenstein (1931) and Bride of Frankenstein (1935)
Sponsored by the TCU Classical Film Series
Moudy 164 S

October 25

7:00  Film showing:  Gods and Monsters  (1998)
Sponsored by the TCU Classical Film Series
Moudy 164 S

October 31

7:00  Film showing:  The Spirit of the Beehive (1973)
Sponsored by Kinomondo
Sid Richardson Lecture Hall 1

November 8

4:00 Keynote lecture by Prof. Alan Bewell, University of Toronto
“Moving Parts:  Frankenstein and Mobility”   — (Tucker 139)

7:30 Showing of the London National Theater Live Frankenstein,
starring Jonny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch
Sid Richardson Lecture Hall 2

Free, but tickets required – http://evite.me/xznmZTC3Ga

November 9

Lectures and Panel Discussions,  all in Tucker 139

10:00  Panel discussion:   Frank and Philosophical Reflections on Frankenstein,
‘Frankenstein,’ and Frankenstein
            Wesley Cray and Kelly McCormick  (Dept. of Philosophy)

11:00  Lecture and discussion:   “The Laboratory of Filthy Creation”
Prof. Rajani Sudan, Southern Methodist University

1:00    Frankenstein and Film:  From classical cinema to contemporary horror
Joan McGettigan (FTDM),  Bonnie Blackwell (Dept. of English), Kristen Lacefield
(Dept. of English)

2:15    Robotic minds and bodies:  Frankenstein and after
Anne Frey (Dept. of English), Jongkeyong Kim (Dept. of English), and Mikio Akagi
(Honors College)

3:30    Lecture and discussion:   “Frankenstein’s Progeny:   AI’s Culture of Exceptionalism”
Dr.  Catherine Stinson (Senior policy associate, Mowat Centre)