2018 Creative Writing Award Winners


Congratulations and thanks to our students, alumni, sponsors, judges and the Creative Writing Committee for your help in making our event successful and enjoyable.  To view the online publication of winning submissions, visit: 


The Neil Daniel Drama Award
Winner: Grace Ann Rothwell for “Unexpected Visitor”
Honorable Mention: Caroline Batcheller for “The Last Something that Meant Anything”

The Bob Frye AddRan English 10803 Award
Winner: Caroline Cravens for “To Legalize Rhino Horn Trade or Not”
Honorable Mention: Katherine Rall for “Keep Calm & Do the Next Right Thing”

The Australia Tarver Award for Critical Essay on Race, Post-colonialism, or Multi-Ethnic Studies
Winner: Ann Tran for “Vietnam’s Loss of Occupational Prestige and Homeland After Western Colonialism”

The Non-Fiction Prose Award
Winner, 1st Place: Katie Marler for “Uprooted”
Winner, 2nd Place: Ann Tran for “Home and Chicken Nuggets”
Honorable Mention: Decha Cullen for “Of Wolves andWomen; Desert Paradox”

The Woman’s Wednesday Club Research Paper or Essay Award
Winner: Ann Tran for “The Virginal Bondage of Renaissance Woman”

The Woman’s Wednesday Club Fiction Award
Winner: Sarah Booth for “Neck Deep”
Honorable Mention: Suzanne Yost for “Fruit Salad”

The Bill Camfield Memorial Award for Humorous Fiction, Screenplays, and Essays
Winner, 1st Place: Jordan Cole for “Star-Crossed”
Winner, 2nd Place: Jack Moraglia for “An Attempt at Not Dying”
Honorable Mention: Jackson Nagel for “Estrogen Overload”

The Margaret-Rose Marek Memorial Multimedia Writing Award
Winner: Decha Cullen for “Hegemony/Beauty”
Honorable Mention: Lucy Mariani for “LOOP”

The Subversive Thought Award
Winner: Sarah Campbell for “The Demise of Bury Your Gays”

The Tony Burgess Environmental Writing Award
Winner: Abigail Jennings for “Night Lights”

The Bob Frye Satire Award
Winner: Joshua Borders for “Hawthorne’s The Birthmark, Re-imagined”
Honorable Mention: Aubrey Hutson for “For You”

The David Vanderwerken Short Story Award
Winner, 1st Place: Andreley Bjelland for “The Deep End”
Winner, 2nd Place: Joshua Borders for “Still Life with Mr. Met”
Winner, 3rd Place: Hayley Zablotsky for “An Endeavor to Be Happy”

The Woman’s Wednesday Club Essay Award
Winner: Tyler Dukes for “Coleridge and the Hypnagogic State: Blending Folklore and Fairy Tale to Create the Unconscious in ‘Christabel'”
Honorable Mention: Jeniffer Beahm for “Finding Home”

The Margie Boswell Poetry Award
Winner, 1st Place: Abigail Buckley for “Covet”
Winner, 2nd Place: Amber Hovanec-Carey for “Hushed Heat”
Honorable Mention: Katarina Boudreaux for “The Written Word”

The Woman’s Wednesday Club Merit Award
Winner: Abigail Jennings

The Betsy Colquitt Graduate Poetry Award
Winner: Allison Zentz for “Blush Array”

The Sigma Tau Delta Essay Award
Winner: Grace Ann Rothwell for “Down Under and Far Away”
Honorable Mention: Kathany Owens for “Refined by Dumpster Fire”

The Graduate Student Fiction Award
Winner: Toya Mary Okonkwo for “A Whoopin’ to Remember & Valentine’s Day”

The Siddie Joe Johnson Poetry Award
Winner: Hannah Taylor for “Side Effects of Antihistamines”
Honorable Mention: Nathan Ching for “Texas Tea”