Interviews with Dr. Havens: Game of Thrones Maven



Dr. Jill Havens’ Game of Thrones class draws student interest from across all majors and colleges.  It is a popular hit among students whose passion for the HBO hit show Game of Thrones show lines them up on the waiting list. The class melds together real Medieval history and Game of Thrones events, making learning about the Middle Ages both accessible and exciting for Game of Thrones enthusiasts.

In the course, Dr. Havens requires her students to read supplemental books that inspired the series and encourages them to discuss parallels between other medieval literature and the novels. The interest does not die out at the end of the class period; TCU Magazine, TCU360, and Fort Worth Business Press have all written articles detailing student and community excitement about the history, the assignments, and, of course, the show itself.

Dr. Havens’ area of focus is Middle English literature; Lollard heresy; late medieval manuscripts; medieval religious and devotional literature, beliefs, and practice.