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AddRan College of Liberal Arts

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Dean’s Message

Here, we believe in transparency, honesty and servant leadership. 

A view of the TCU Campus Commons

A Message From the Dean

An AddRan liberal arts degree prepares you to engage critically, think analytically, and interact with global citizens. A liberal arts education provides you with a strong foundation in analytical and critical thinking, ethical reasoning and decision making, oral and written communication, cultural/linguistic competence and awareness, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and digital literacy.

Ultimately, a liberal arts education prepares students for a global economy, society, and workforce that relies on the interconnection of diverse individuals from disparate backgrounds, cultures, and societies.  You will take your place as leaders of nonprofits, government agencies, and companies that will need your skills to fulfill their missions.  By the time you graduate from AddRan, you will be prepared to do anything. Lead On!

Meet the Dean

Sonja S. Watson

Dean, AddRan College of Liberal Arts

Dr. Sonja S. Watson is Dean of the AddRan College of Liberal Arts at Texas Christian University.  Her areas of specialty are Afro-Panamanian Literature, Hispanic Caribbean Literature, Latin-American Cultural Studies and Panamanian reggae en español. She is also editor of the journal The Publication of the Afro-Latin American Research Association. Prior to joining TCU, she served as Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Director of Women’s & Gender Studies at the University of Texas at Arlington.