Samuel G. Arnold

Associate Professor
Political Science
Scharbauer 2007G | 817-257-6408

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Ph.D., Politics, Princeton University (2011)
MA, Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh (2004)
BA, Philosophy, Bowdoin College (2001)

Courses Taught

POSC 20203 Introduction to Political Theory
POSC 32043 Justice
POSC 32053 Global Justice
POSC 32003 Topics in Political Theory: Race and Class
POSC 34073 Moot Court

Areas of Focus

Liberal egalitarian theories of justice, especially the work of John Rawls; the division of labor and work; consumerism and voluntary simplicity; socialism and alternatives to consumer capitalism

Samuel Arnold and John Harris, “What is Arbitrary Power?” Journal of Political Power (2017)

“Social Equality and the Duty to Participate in Personal and Political Relationships,” Southwest Philosophy Review (2017)

“Putting Liberty in its Place: Rawlsian Liberalism Without the Liberalism,” European Journal of Philosophy (2017)

“Capitalism, Class Conflict, and Domination,” Socialism and Democracy (2016)

“Socialism,” The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy “Market Democracy: Land of Opportunity?” Critical Review vol. 26, 3-4 (2014): 239-258.

“Rightwing Rawlsianism: A Critique,” Journal of Political Philosophy vol. 21, 4 (December 2013): 382-404

“The Difference Principle at Work,” Journal of Political Philosophy vol. 20, 1 (March 2012): 94-118.

SGA Faculty of the Year, AddRan College of Liberal Arts, 2017