Ryan Schmitz

Associate Professor
Spanish and Hispanic Studies
Scharbauer Hall 3108

r.schmitz@tcu.edu | 817-257-7894

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Ph.D. in Hispanic Literature, University of Texas, Austin

Courses Taught

1. SPAN 43203 Senior Seminar: Cervantes’ Novelas ejemplares
2. SPAN 41203 Cervantes and the Renaissance
3. SPAN 32503 Panorama of Spanish Literature 1
4. SPAN 31403 Advanced Spanish Grammar
5. SPAN 31203 Writing in Spanish
6. SPAN 31103 Oral Communication in Spanish
7. SPAN 20203 Intermediate Spanish 2 Honors
8. SPAN 20203 Intermediate Spanish 2
9. SPAN 20103 Intermediate Spanish 1
10. SPAN 10203 Spanish for Beginners 2
11. SPAN 10103 Spanish for Beginners 1

Areas of Focus

Early Modern Spanish Literature, Cervantes, Spanish Golden Age Drama, Renaissance Studies, Cognitive Approaches to Literature, Colonial Latin America.

1. “Theory of Mind in Early Modern Spanish Manuals of Courtly Conduct.” Cognitive Approaches to Early Modern Spanish Literature. Ed. Isabel Jaén and Julien Simon. Oxford University Press. 164-180.

2. “The Hand as Metaphor in Cervantes’s Novelas ejemplares.” Bulletin of Hispanic Studies. 93.2 (2016): 99-112.

3. “Tracing Transoceanic Intertextualities in More’s Utopia (1516), González de Mendoza’s Historia de China ((1585), and Fernández de Lizardi’s El Periquillo Sarniento (1816).” eHumanista 27 (2014): 300-314.

4. “Sancho’s Courtly Performance: Discreción and the Art of Conversation in the Ducal Palace Episodes of Don Quijote II” Modern Language Notes 128.2 (2013): 445-455.

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6. “The Great Chain of Being and Cervantes’s Novelas ejemplares” eHumanista 20 (2012): 511-524.

7. “Prudence, Sincerity, and the Body’s Betrayal of the Dissimulated Self in Cervantes’s La señora Cornelia”. Bulletin of Spanish Studies 88.3 (2011): 349-366.

1. “Cleanliness and the Construction of Identity in Part II of Don Quijote” “Don Quijote and the Mediterranean World” at the University of Texas at Austin October 18th and 19th 2015.

2. “Poverty and Delinquency in Barataria: Contextualizing Sancho’s Humanist Social Reform.” “Don Quijote in the American West: A Fourth-Centenary Celebration (1615-2015), University of Colorado, Denver and University of Wyoming, Laramie. April 23-26, 2015.

3. “Elementos utópicos en la Historia de China de Juan González de Mendoza.” “VIII Congreso Internacional de la Asociación Asiática de Hispanistas” (8th International Congress of the Asian Association of Hispanists) in Shanghai, China, July 17th, 2013.

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6. “Reading the Signs of Identity in Cervantes Novelas ejemplares.” South Central Modern Languages Association Conference, Fort Worth, TX, October 28th, 2010.

  • Modern Language Association
  • Cervantes Society of America