Rosemarie Fike

Instructor I
Scharbauer Hall 4106 | 817-257-5233

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Ph.D. from Florida State University in 2015
MA from George Mason University in 2009
BS from Duquesne University in 2007

Courses Taught

Contending Perspectives in Economics
Intermediate Macroeconomics
Introduction to Microeconomics

Areas of Focus

Economic Development, Public Choice, New Institutional Economics

Regulatory Process, Regulatory Reform, and the Quality of Regulatory Impact Analysis. Coauthored with Jerry Ellig. Journal of Benefit Cost Analysis, Forthcoming.

Gender Disparity in Legal Rights and Its Effect on Economic Freedom in Economic Freedom of the World 2016 Annual Report. Fraser Institute: Vancouver, B.C.

A Biography of James Buchanan in The American Middle Class: An Economic Encyclopedia of Progress and Poverty. Editor, Robert Rycroft. Forthcoming. Coauthored with James D. Gwartney.

Public Choice, Government Failure, and Market Failure in Principles Textbooks. Coauthored with James D. Gwartney. Journal of Economic Education, Spring 2015.

Association of Private Enterprise Education: 2016 Las Vegas, Economic Freedom and Gender Norms: an Empirical Analysis.

Public Choice Society: 2015 San Antonio, Economic Freedom and Educational Outcomes for Women: An Empirical Analysis.

Economic Freedom of the World Network: 2015 Dallas, Adjusting Measures of Economic Freedom for Gender Disparity in Economic Rights

Hayek Fund for Scholars, Travel Grant, 2016

Member: American Economic Association, Southern Economic Association; Public Choice Society; Association for Private Enterprise Education; Society for the Development of Austrian Economics

Referee: Public Choice 2015 International Review of Economics Education 2015 Journal of Economics and Finance Education 2015