Richard Galvin

Professor and Betty S. Wright Chair in Applied Ethics
Scharbauer Hall 3015C | 817-257-6371

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Ph.D., Philosophy, University of California, Santa Barbara, 1983
M.A., Philosophy, University of California, Santa Barbara, 1980
B.A., Philosophy, Macalester College, 1974

Courses Taught

PHIL 10003 Philosophy One
PHIL 10103 Mind, Meaning, and Morality
PHIL 20303 Moral Problems
PHIL 30303 Ethical Theory
PHIL 30413 Introduction to Philosophy of Law
PHIL 40303 Seminar in Value Theory
PHIL 40333 Philosophy of Law and Economics
PHIL 40343 Advanced Issues in Philosophy of Law

Areas of Focus

Applied Ethics, Ethical Theory, Kantian Ethics, Philosophy of Law

History of Philosophy, Metaphysics/Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, Political Philosophy

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