María Ciriza Lope

Assistant Professor
Spanish and Hispanic Studies
Scharbauer Hall 3103 | 817-257-6372

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2009 University of Illinois at Urbana -Champaign
Ph.D. in Hispanic Linguistics

2003 University of Illinois at Urbana –Champaign
MA in Hispanic Linguistics

2000 Deusto University
Bilbao, Spain
BA English Philology

Courses Taught

Spanish Phonology
Spanish for heritage speakers
Spanish composition
Advanced Spanish grammar

Areas of Focus

Applied Linguistics
Spanish for Heritage speakers
Language contact
Language revitalization

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Advanced Postgraduate Certificate in SLATE (Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education)

Basque Studies Society

  • Reviews Editor of the International Journal of the Linguistic Association of the Southwest.
  • Abstract Reviewer for the 4th conference on Spanish for Heritage speakers.
  • Peer-reviewer for Hispania and the Journal of Latinos and Education