Hanan Hammad

Associate Professor and Director of Middle East Studies
Reed Hall 204

h.hammad@tcu.edu | 817-257-5823

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Ph.D. in History (University of Texas-Austin, 2009)
MA in Middle East Studies (University of Texas-Austin, 2004)

Courses Taught

Introduction to the Modern Middle East
Introduction to Islamic Civilization
Modern Egypt Between Revolutions
Revolutionary Iran: A History
Women in the Syria and Iraq: Troubled History from WWI to the Rise of ISIS
Middle East, The Formation
Transformation of the Modern Middle East: A Graduate Reading Seminar, and History Major Seminar on Modern Middle East

Areas of Focus

Middle East

Industrial Sexuality: Gender, Urbanization, and Social Transformation in Egypt (Austin: University of Texas-Austin Press, 2016).

Arwa Salih’s The Premature: Gendering the History of the Egyptian Left”, Arab Studies Journal, spring 2016.

“Gendered Obscenity: Women’s Tongues, Men’s phalluses and the State’s Fist in the Making of Urban Norm in Interwar Egypt,” in Ulrike Freitag and Nora Lafi (ed.), Urban Violence in the Middle East: Changing Cityscapes in the Transition from Empire To Nation State (Oxford: Berghahn Books, 2015), 70-88.

“Making and Breaking Working Class Solidarity: Recruitment of Workers in the National Textile Industry in Interwar Egypt” in International Review of Social History, December 2012, pp. 73-96.

“The Other Extremists: Marxist Feminism in Egypt, 1980-2000” in Journal of International Women’s Studies, March 2011, pp. 217- 233.

“Between Egyptian National Purity and Local Flexibility: Prostitution in al-Mahalla al-Kubra in the First Half of the Twentieth Century” in Journal of Social History, March 2011, pp. 751- 783.

“From Orientalism to Khomeinism: A century of Persian studies in Egypt,” Alif: Journal of Comparative Poetics, 35, May 2015, 1-20.

“Khomeini and the Iranian Revolution in the Egyptian Press: From Fascination to Condemnation” in Radical History Review, September 2009, pp. 39- 57.

“Layla Murad and Anwar Wagdi: Interfaith Love, Fame, and the Making of Arabo-Islamic Egyptian Identity” Interfaith Love, Sex and Marriage in the Islamicate World from the Middle Ages to the Present Conference, Leiden University, Leiden (Netherland), 22 – 24 June 2016

“Students and Their Brothel Friends in Underworld Downtown Cairo” MESA, Denver, 2015

“Layla Murad: The Muslim-Jewish Star and Manufacturing Conversion as a Political Victory” University of Cambridge, 2015

“Gendered Thievery: Women in petty theft, drugs and money forgery in interwar Egypt,” AHA Annual Meeting, New York City, January 2015.

“Layla Murad: The Muslim-Jewish Star and Manufacturing Conversion as a Political Victory” University of Cambridge, 2015

“Representing Masculinity: Futuwwat and Afandiyya in al-Mahalla Revolt, Egypt 1925,” Men of Disorder: Masculinity, Violence and Urban Networks in the Modern Middle East and Central Asia International Workshop at Universität Freiburg (Germany), April 2014

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“Colonial Hybridity: The Colonial-National Struggle over Prostitution after the British invasion of Egypt,” The Long 1890s in Egypt: Colonial Quiescence, Subterranean Resistance?, A workshop at Centre for the Advanced Study of the Arab World, The University of Edinburgh, UK, May 2011.

  • 2015 Giles-Sims Wise Woman Award 2014/ 2015
  • Woolf Institute Visiting Fellowship (Cambridge, UK)
  • Middle East Studies Association of North America
  • The International Society for Iranian Studies