Benjamin Hiramatsu Ireland

Assistant Professor of French
Modern Language Studies
Scharbauer Hall 3207 | 817-257-6356

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Ph.D. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
BA, Davidson College, Davidson, NC

Courses Taught

Intersectionalities: Gender and Sexuality in the French Colonies
Islands and Archipelagoes: Environmental Politics and Decolonization
Asia in Francophonie Societies: Postcolonial Vietnam to Postmodern Japan
Advanced French Composition
Advanced French Grammar and Contemporary France
Early Advanced French through Film
Intermediate French through Film
Intensive Review of Elementary French
Elementary French

Areas of Focus

Benjamin Hiramatsu Ireland is Assistant Professor of French at Texas Christian University, holding additional faculty affiliations in Women and Gender Studies, Comparative Race & Ethnic Studies, and Asian and Middle East Studies. Professor Ireland received his Ph.D. in French from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and completed his B.A. (Phi Beta Kappa) in French and East Asian Studies at Davidson College. He pursued comparative French and Japanese literary studies at the Université Paris IV-Sorbonne and Kyushu University. Professor Ireland was a fellow at the Institute of French Cultural Studies at Dartmouth and has lectured as a Visiting Scholar for the National Consortium for Teaching about Asia.

His research and teaching explore Francophone literature and cinema, 20th century French literature, Critical Theory, Postcolonial Studies, and Gender and Sexuality Studies. His trans-oceanic approach to the Francophone world places North and East African literatures in south-track dialogues with trans-Pacific literary productions of the Indian Ocean and Asia Pacific. His current book project examines the role métis Japanese-New Caledonian children played during the incarceration process of Japanese migrants from New Caledonia during World War II. Professor Ireland’s research has recently engaged exchanges between France and Japan through film, Queer Studies, and comparative literary studies of Roland Barthes and Yukio Mishima’s works. Other ongoing research projects include analyzing colonial epidemiology in the Mascarene Islands and exploring how “Queer Asia” intersects the works of Proust, Genet, and contemporary Japanese artists.

He has presented at international conferences and has published in tier-one journals, including the International Journal of Francophone Studies, Contemporary Journal of French and Francophone Studies, Modern Language Review, among numerous others. An advocate for community and technology-based learning, Professor Ireland has received distinguished university honors for his undergraduate teaching and mentoring. He has served as a faculty advisor to international, first generation, and LGBTQIA students.

Currently, Professor Ireland serves on the advisory board of Barthes Studies, a peer-reviewed journal devoted to Roland Barthes’s works.

“Geographies of Disease in Madagascar and Djibouti: Colonial Medicine in the Francophone Asia Pacific Gateway” (under review).

“Memoirs of a Gaysha: Roland Barthes’s Queer Japan.” (forthcoming in Barthes Studies, 2018).

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