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British and Colonial/Post-Colonial Studies

Ariane Balizet Associate Professor 817-257-4769 English
Bonnie Blackwell Associate Professor 817-257-6263 English
A. Layne Craig Instructor II and Director of Undergraduate Studies 817-257-5790 English
Antoinette E. DeNapoli Associate Professor of Religion and South Asian Religions 817-257-6448 Religion
Anne Frey Associate Professor 817-257-6256 English
Alan Gallay Professor and Lyndon B. Johnson Chair in American History 817 257-6299 History
Daniel Juan Gil Professor 817-257-6254 English
Linda K. Hughes Addie Levy Professor of Literature 817-257-6253 English
John Lovett Instructor II 817-257-6582 Economics
Darren J. N. Middleton John F. Weatherly Professor of Religion; Director, MLA Program 817-257-6445 Religion
Mona Narain Associate Professor 817-257-7284 English
Nathanael O’Reilly Instructor I 817-257-4634 English
Karen Steele Professor and Chair 817-257-7240 English