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Urban Studies

TCU’s interdisciplinary program in urban studies is available to any undergraduate student seeking a multi-disciplinary exploration of cities, an understanding of urban life challenges and the capacity to improve your community. You can translate your complex knowledge of modern cities into action through city government, community activism and other channels.

You’ll draw from courses across multiple disciplines, including geography, history, political science, sociology, criminal justice, economics and others. You’ll examine how urban space is organized, the varied and multiple dimensions of urban life, and the many challenges presented by the rapid pace of urban change in the 21st century. Then you’ll apply the skills you’ve learned in the classroom to real-world projects with Fort Worth-area community organizations.

Students must complete 18 hours of credit to earn the minor, selected from at least three different disciplines with a maximum of nine hours from any one discipline, including:

  • A minimum of six hours selected from the following core courses:
    ECON 40463 — Regional and Urban Economics
    GEOG 30713 — Urban Geography
    POSC 30103 — Urban Politics
    HIST 30803 — Urban History
  • A minimum of three hours with a service learning, internship or independent research component.
  • Nine additional hours of relevant coursework from the list of approved urban studies courses or approved by the urban studies adviser to be completed subject to the distributional requirements.

No course may be applied to both your major and minor requirements. If one of the above courses is required for your major, you may substitute another approved course in the minor. You would not be required to complete a second internship or service learning course.

For more details about the urban studies minor, contact Program Advisor Dr. Sean Crotty at

See the course catalog for a complete list of course offerings and descriptions

Course Catalog

The Center for Urban Studies explores the multifaceted human experience of living in urban environments, using Fort Worth, Tarrant County and the North Texas region as an active learning laboratory. The center supports instructional, research and service activities focused on topics such as smart growth, new urbanism, environmental and social sustainability, and quality of life issues in American cities. You could help develop strategies to improve recycling in the city of Fort Worth, or work on applications to assist with homelessness outreach, among many other community-based projects.

Center for Urban Studies