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Classical Studies

Minoring in classical studies gives you the opportunity to study the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome through a range of perspectives and approaches. By studying the foundation of the Western tradition, you’ll improve your understanding of English and Romance languages — strengthening your communication, writing, rhetoric, logic and analytical skills — and deepen your understanding of Western civilization and political philosophies and traditions.

Courses involve such areas as ancient languages, history, art, classical rhetoric and religion, as well as the classical influence on modern literature and culture. This program provides insights to both past mentalities and the social and cultural forces that shaped ancient life — and continue to have an impact on us today — and help prepare you for careers in law, teaching, journalism, medicine and business.

In addition to a range of courses, you can engage in independent study with sponsoring professors and complement your work at TCU through study abroad programs.

The minor requires 18 semester hours selected from at least three areas with a six-hour minimum of upper-division courses. Up to nine hours of Greek/Latin can be counted toward the minor, including applicable AP/CLEP credit. Other courses may be applied to the minor with the approval of the minor coordinator or the AddRan associate dean.

See the course catalog for a complete list of course offerings and descriptions

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