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BA with International Relations Emphasis

This degree plan is only available to students who declared the BA with international relations emphasis prior to the Fall 2022 semester.

The BA in political science with emphasis in international relations requires 30 hours of political science courses passed with a grade of C-or-higher and a maximum of 13 hours below the 30000 level.

Any topics courses may be repeated, provided the subject matter changes.

The department strongly encourages participation in an international educational experience, in a setting where the student’s language of study is used. Students must also complete an interdisciplinary international relations minor. An Asian Studies, Post-Colonial Studies or Middle Eastern Studies minor would fulfill the Interdisciplinary requirements for this degree plan.

 Degree Requirements

  • POSC 20203: Introduction to Political Theory

Choose one (1) of the following:

  • POSC 20303: International Politics
  • POSC 20503: Introduction to Comparative Politics


Choose one (1) additional 20000 level political science course

Choose one (1) of the following:

  • POSC 39XX3
  • POSC 32XX3

One (1) Comparative Politics course (POSC 35XX3)

One (1) International Relations course (POSC 33XX3)

Three (3) 30000 level or above courses

One (1) Political Science elective course



The interdisciplinary minor requires 18 hours of study.  An Asian Studies , Post-Colonial Studies or Middle Eastern Studies minor would fulfill the interdisciplinary requirements for this degree plan.  To view the available classes for this minor, see the approved list below.

Otherwise, the interdisciplinary minor, available only in conjunction with the BA in political science with an emphasis in international relations, consists of 18 semester hours selected from the following groups:

  • Upper-division foreign language courses: 6 hours  
  • Upper-division international economics: 3 hours 
  • An additional 9 hours from a selection of approved upper division international or cross-cultural studies courses.

No more than 6 hours in any single discipline may count toward the minor.


Approved Courses

A maximum of 6 hours, maybe applied toward major requirements:

  • POSC 31990 International Residential Study
  • POSC 33023 International Organizations Research
  • POSC 34073 Moot Court
  • POSC 40003 Senior Honors in Political Science
  • POSC 40910 Washington Internships
  • POSC 40960 Civic Literacy Internships
  • POSC 40970 Independent Study in Political Science

The three-hour seminar taken in conjunction with the Washington Center Internship Program may be counted in addition to six hours of internship credit.

 Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Science