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Moot Court

Moot Court is an undergraduate program in which our students argue a hypothetical set case before a mock appellate court.

The debate chambers on campus

The set case that is used for an entire academic year is announced by the American Collegiate Moot Court Association each May.

Students gain analytic and oral advocacy skills by doing their own legal research to develop structure and content of an argument for the set case, and by arguing the case both in many practice sessions and in inter-collegiate competitions. TCU’s Moot Court team competes through the Texas Undergraduate Moot Court Association and is regularly invited to invitational tournaments and regional competitions.

The top teams from regional competitions qualify for the national championship held each January.

TCU’s Moot Court team consists of eight to 12 members (four to six pairs), depending on tryouts, which are held each year in March.


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For additional information, please contact our coach:

Dr. Sam Arnold