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Conference Funding for Student Research

Funding for Political Science Undergraduate Research Awards:

The Political Science Department is committed to promoting excellence in undergraduate research. As part of this commitment, we encourage students to conduct academic research and attend academic conferences to help them develop their research and presentation skills.

The department will consider requests from undergraduate students majoring in Political Science for small grants to cover expenses associated with research under the supervision of a Political Science Faculty. This may include research costs (such as the purchase of data needed to conduct research or the costs of conducting surveys or experiments) or costs associated with traveling to present research at an academic conference.

Typical research awards are around $500. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. As this pool of funding is limited, students are also encouraged to seek other sources of funding on campus. Applications must follow all TCU Financial Services reimbursement guidelines.

The department is committed to equal opportunity for all students.  As such, requests from this fund cannot exceed $1500 per student for any one request, and no student will receive more than $1500 in total from this opportunity during their time at TCU.

To apply for research funding, students must complete the Undergraduate Research Award Application linked here.

Applications should be submitted to the Department Chair of Political Science Dr. Michael Strausz at