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Undergraduate Research Prizes

The Department of Political Science awards undergraduate research prizes for the most outstanding Political Science research projects completed by a Political Science student. There are two awards: a junior-level prize for projects by Freshman-Juniors and a senior-level prize for projects by Seniors. Each spring at the department’s Celebration of Achievement, a $500 prize will be awarded to one project in each category completed during the year preceding the event.

Any finished major research project on a political science topic is eligible for consideration, including but not limited to those completed by political science majors for the distinction program, honors theses, semester papers and the department’s summer Research Experience for Undergraduates program. Eligible projects may be self-nominated or nominated by a department faculty member. The process for allocating these positions is as follows:

  • Nominations due 4/25/2024 by 4PM CST
  • All eligible nominations will be reviewed by a three-person committee composed of political science faculty identified by James Scott, the Brown Chair in Political Science. The Brown Chair normally serves as a member of the committee unless there is a conflict of interest with a nomination.
  • Please include the following in your nomination:
    • Completed nomination form 
    • One electronic copy of the research project


Application Form