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Majors & Minors

Bachelor of Arts in History 

The BA with a major in history requires 31 semester hours in history courses, which include the following:


Degree Requirements

Must include three (3) different geographic regions from:


  • 10603: United States History: A Survey to 1877
  • 20603: The American Mind (HON)
  • 10613: United States History: A Survey since 1877 
  • 20613: The American Mind since 1877 (HON)
  • 10703: African American Experience since 1619
  • 10713: Multicultural America: A Historical Survey
  • 10723: History of Latinas/os in the United States


  • 10203: Origins of Western Civilization: Europe to 1348
  • 10213: The World Expanded: Europe 1348-1789
  • 10223: Modernization and its Discontents: Europe 1789 to the Present
  • 20203: Origins of Western Civilization: Europe to 1348 (HON)
  • 20213: The World Expanded: Europe 1348-1789 (HON)
  • 20223: Honors Modernization and its Discontents: Europe 1789 to the Present

Latin America

  • 10923: Latin American History: Colonial Period
  • 10933: Latin American History: National Period
  • 20923: Honors History of Latin American Civilization to 1830
  • 20933: HOnors History of Latin American Civilization since 1830


  • 10943: East Asian Civilization to 1700
  • 10953: East Asian Civilization since 1700
  • 20943: Honors History Asian Civilization to 1500
  • 20953: Honors History of Asian Civilization since 1500

Middle East 

  • 10803: Introduction to Islamic Civilization
  • 10813: Introduction to the Modern Middle East
  • 10833: History of Islamic Slavery


  • 10103: World History to 1500
  • 10113: World History since 1500


Choose three (3) upper level courses (30000 or 40000 level)

Students who declare the major beginning with the fall 2020 semester must take HIST 20003 - The Historian's Craft, preferably in first or sophomore year.

Majors must take one History Major Seminar (49903), preferably in the junior year. Prerequisites for the HMS are junior or senior standing and at least 15 completed hours in history. Seminar topics will vary by instructor, but always center on an original research project based on primary sources. The HMS carries WEM credit.

Students who declared the major prior to fall 2020 choose three (3) classes. May be upper level or lower level courses. 

Students who declared the major beginning fall 2020 or after choose (2) classes. May be upper level or lower level courses.

AddRan 20101: Make Your Major Work

 A maximum of 15 hours in any one geographic area may be counted towards the requirements for the major.

Grades and Credits

The Pass/NC option is not permitted in courses taken for the major or minor. Courses may not count for both major and minor requirements. For example, if you had a history major and an Asian studies minor, HIST 10943 (Asian Civilizations to 1700) could count toward the requirements for the minor OR the requirements for the major, but not both.

Please note: We make every effort to keep this information up-to-date, but always consult the current TCU catalog for the most recent and accurate information on all requirements.


Minor in History 

The minor in history requires 18 hours, to be distributed as follows:

  • A minimum of nine hours of survey courses, drawn from at least three out of the following six categories:
    • U.S.: HIST 10603, 10613 (or the Honors equivalents 20603, 20613), 10703, 10713, 10723
    • Europe: HIST 10203, 10213, 10223 (or 20203, 20213, 20223)
    • Latin America: HIST 10923, 10933 (or 20923, 20933)
    • Asia: HIST 10943, 10953 (or 20943, 20953)
    • Middle East: HIST 10803, 10813, 10833
    • World: HIST 10103, 10113
  • Six hours must be 30000 or above.
  • Students must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 in all courses taken in the minor to be able to graduate.


Minor in Global History

 Click here for the Global History Minor webpage


Departmental Honors

History majors who plan to pursue departmental honors must be members of the Honors College and should enroll in HIST 30153 during their junior year and HIST 40103 during the fall semester of their senior year. They may, with the approval of the adviser, substitute the History Major Seminar for the Juniors Honors Tutorial (HIST 30153) as preparation for completing the honors thesis.