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Explorations in Scotland 
May 31, 2020 - June 21, 2020

Modern Scotland is a country long contested and long the origin of many aspects of western civilization. This program offers two courses, The Rock Cycle and War and Society: Forming Scotland to explore key aspects of Scotland's history and influence. The Rock Cycle explores geology in the physical and historical context of the country in which its examples and principles were first developed. Students learn about basic geological principles that have shaped the geography and the people of Scotland. War and Society: Forming Scotland begins with the Roman occupation of northern England; continues with a discussion of Scottish customs, culture, and institutions; explores the Wars for Scottish Independence; the fourteenth century Anglo-Scottish Wars, the fourteenth and fifteenth century Wars of the Three Kingdoms, and the seventeenth century English Civil War and Jacobite Uprising; finally with the Act of Union in 1707 Scottish forces merged with English forces, fighting in all British wars from the eighteenth to today.