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Graduate Programs

The TCU graduate program in history connects students with an outstanding and dedicated faculty and a program of study and research that can be tailored to meet their particular interests.

The department offers the MA and Ph.D. degrees with specializations in U.S. and Latin American history. The department’s Graduate Guide offers applicants a detailed view of how the TCU program works.

Learn more about our graduate programs by exploring our Graduate Resources.

Graduate Admissions


Master of Arts in History

While most history graduate students at TCU seek the PhD degree, the master’s degree is a valuable option for students beginning their graduate careers. TCU offers two options: a terminal MA degree and one that continues into the PhD program.

The terminal master’s consists of 24 hours of coursework and a 6-hour thesis project.

The MA-to-PhD track has two options:

  • The nonthesis option, consisting of 30 hours of coursework and a defense of two completed article-length research papers conducted by the student’s advisor and one other faculty member.
  • The thesis option, with 24 hours of coursework and a 6-hour thesis project


Master of Arts/Doctor of Philosophy Track (Non-thesis)

To receive the master’s degree, students must complete a non-thesis master’s defense of two completed article-length research papers with their advisor and one other faculty member. Students must successfully complete the master’s defense prior to the graduation deadline at the end of their second year of the program.


Doctor of Philosophy

The Ph.D. program requires mastery of history in certain fields demonstrated by completing at least 30 credit hours of coursework beyond the MA (not including thesis or dissertation hours), satisfying a language requirement, passing testable and non-testable supporting fields, passing written and oral major field examinations OR (for students entering the program after fall 2014) presenting a portfolio, as well as writing and defending orally a dissertation that represents an original contribution to historical knowledge. For more information on these requirements, see the Graduate Guide.


Director of Graduate Studies
Dr. Rebecca Sharpless
Reed Hall 329


Scholarly Achievement and Careers

TCU’s history graduate faculty and students have established a solid record of scholarly achievement. Over the past 10 years, faculty members have published more than 35 scholarly books and won several research and teaching awards.

In that same time, the department has awarded 43 doctoral degrees. Of those, nearly 90 percent have found employment in full-time history-related jobs.


Financial Aid and Teaching Assistantships

Students in TCU’s history graduate program are well supported, both financially and in terms of scholarly resources. More than 90 percent of our history graduate students receive some form of financial aid, and the department provides many opportunities for experience in the classroom, both as teaching assistants and as independent instructors. For more information on these opportunities, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies Dr. Rebecca Sharpless at