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PhD in English

Program Overview

Students must complete for credit a minimum of 54 semester hours of graduate courses, exclusive of 12 credit hours for the dissertation. Post-graduate hours completed more than seven years prior to a student’s admission into TCU’s English graduate program may not count toward requirements; the graduate adviser will determine applicable credit on a case-by-case basis.

Of the 54 hours, at least 36 hours must be taken at TCU. Students must take 12 hours in foundations to the profession and remaining hours in electives, as outlined below.

Students must complete 12 hours in coursework that addresses each of the four areas of coursework listed below. The course in critical theory may be satisfied through transfer/waiver.

3 hours ENGL 60513 — Teaching College Composition
3 hours ENGL 60113 — Introduction to Graduate Studies and the Profession of English
3 hours ENGL 60803 — Literature Pedagogy
3 hours ENGL 60123 — Introduction to Modern Critical Theory


Students must complete a minimum of 12 hours in coursework that addresses at least four of the six areas listed below. Although each three-hour seminar typically addresses two of the following areas, students will receive credit for only one area per course.

  • Genre
  • Historical engagement
  • National/transnational/comparative approaches
  • Research methods/methodology
  • Textual/scholarly production
  • Theory
  • Students should select their additional coursework based on intended area(s) of specialization, in consultation with the director of graduate studies.


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Consult the Graduate Catalog and our Admissions page for more details about the program. For questions not covered in these pages, email Dr. Daniel Juan Gil, Director of Graduate Studies, at