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Graduate Programs

A Certificate in Women and Gender Studies is available on the M.A., M. Ed., Ed. D., and Ph.D. degrees in Art History, Education, English, History, Social Work, and Brite Divinity School. The Certificate recognizes a student’s intensive investigation of issues related to women, gender, and sexuality in the context of their regular disciplinary graduate work.

Completion of the Certificate requires 12 hours (4 courses), including WGST 60003: Graduate Colloquium in Feminist Theories and Methodologies (also listed as BRIT 90003 / ENGL 80123) OR WGST 50103: Feminist Inquiry: Theory & Praxis. 

The other 9 hours may be taken in one of the following ways:

  • Through pre-approved WGST-designated graduate courses in the student’s field or in another department (with approval from the Director of Graduate Studies in the student´s major field).
  • Through an independent study, which is submitted to and approved by the WGST Department Chair and the Director of Graduate Studies in the student’s major field.
  • Through a course that is not WGST-designated, but that includes a substantial feminist/gender component. The student´s individual research in such a course will be directed towards these issues. A petition, including the syllabus and the completed form (available here), must be submitted to and approved by the WGST Department Chair.

Students may petition for NO MORE THAN THREE HOURS OF COURSE CREDIT to be counted toward the graduate certificate. In addition graduate students may petition for up to THREE HOURS CREDIT FOR DISSERTATION OR THESIS HOURS.
Interdisciplinary work is encouraged in the Certificate program.

To apply to this program, contact Chair Dr. Hammad  at

Please include

  • your name
  • TCU ID number
  • your Director of Graduate Studies (if known)
  • Program and Department and what classes you have taken that may  count towards the requirements

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