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Double Major/Minor

Combining Majors and/or Minors

English and writing degrees fit together well as a double major (declaring both a major in English and a major in writing), and they also lend themselves to several major-minor combinations (a major in English or writing and a minor in the other, or a major in one and a minor in creative writing). Regardless of the combination you choose, there are three stipulations.

  1. There is no double-dipping allowed in any scenario.You cannot use the same course twice to fill multiple sets of requirements.
  2. Plan your courses so that you take no more than 36 hours in either the ENGL or the WRIT prefix, not counting ENGL 10803 and ENGL 20803.If you do take more than 36 hours in one prefix, you will need to add the number of hours over 36 to your total number of credits required for graduation. For example, a student who takes 42 hours of WRIT credits is six hours over the 36 limit, so would need not the normal 124 credits but 130 (i.e., 124 plus six) to graduate with an AddRan BA.
  3. Students who major in English or writing and minor in creative writing can apply no more than six hours of creative writing courses to their major.See the course subcategory list for course classifications