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Composition Program

For all TCU Undergraduates

Writing and composing are essential to a liberal arts education and provide a strong foundation for life-learning and adaptability in a rapidly changing world. We agree with the Council of Writing Program Administrators that “learning to write is a complex process, both individual and social, that takes place over time with continued practice and informed guidance.”

Core Requirements

In support of these principles, students are required to complete two written communication courses as a part of their essential competencies in the TCU Core Curriculum:

  • First year: ENGL 10803 — Introductory Composition, Writing as Inquiry
  • Second year: ENGL 20803 — Intermediate Composition, Writing Argument
  • And two writing emphasis courses before graduating


Program Mission

TCU’s composition program is shaped by the following beliefs:

  • Writing is a knowledge-making endeavor.
  • Writing is deeply informed by critical reading of texts, images, experiences and situations.
  • Writing serves the interests of both the writer and reader(s).
  • Writing is accomplished through conventions that vary depending on the context, community and discipline.


Composition Courses and Outcomes

TCU’s Composition Committee has developed outcomes for our writing courses based on these beliefs as well as on the shared outcomes articulated by the Council of Writing Program Administrators. These outcomes are reflected in the Essential Competencies of the TCU Core Curriculum, and each 10803 and 20803 section must adhere to them.

ENGL 10803 First-Year Composition: Writing as Inquiry

This course satisfies the Written Communication 1 (WCO) requirement in the TCU Core Curriculum. It is also a prerequisite to many advanced English and writing courses at TCU. ENGL 10803 is a writing workshop in which students compose multiple pieces in a range of genres using appropriate rhetorical conventions; students also learn strategies for reading texts and visuals critically, and incorporate suitable sources. Students will engage in processes for invention, drafting, critiquing, revising, and editing of prose.


ENGL 20803 Sophomore Composition: Writing as Argument

This course satisfies the Written Communication 2 requirement in the TCU Core Curriculum. It requires as a prerequisite English 10803 (or equivalent) and sophomore standing (24 credit hours). ENGL 20803 is a writing workshop that builds on ENGL 10803 by focusing on the analysis and production of arguments in a variety of media (i.e.: print, visual, oral, digital). Students will work individually and collaboratively to read, research and compose effective arguments on issues of local and national importance.

For more information, contact Dr. Carrie Leverenz, Director of Composition.