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Advising FAQs

Other than my advisor, who else can I talk to about courses in the English department?
You can always contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Anne Frey, describe your problem, and, if necessary, schedule an appointment.

How often are courses repeated?
It depends on the course. Some courses are offered every semester (usually introductory courses), some courses are offered in a fairly dependable rotation (like survey courses), and still others may be offered only intermittently (specialized upper-division courses). If you want to know more about a specific course, contact the faculty member who last taught that course or contact Dr. Anne Frey.

How can I find out more about advising in the English department?
We have several resources that can help you with advising. We encourage students to schedule an advising appointment with their advisor every Fall and every Spring during advising week. If you have any questions about when advising week is, or how to schedule an appointment with your advisor, please contact the Department of English office at (817) 257-7240. We strive to provide the best resources possible to help with advising, but it is ultimately up to each student to meet all of the requirements for graduation.

Who is my adviser?
All of your advisors will be listed at the top of your degree progress report. If you have not yet officially declared English or Writing as a major, but are considering it, and would like to be advised by our department, please contact Dr. Anne Frey to schedule an appointment. If you need assistance, you are always welcome to call the Department of English office at (817) 257-7240.

What composition courses are required?
All students must complete WCO 1 (ENGL 10803) and WCO 2 (ENGL 20803) core credit. If you took special courses and/or tests with the hope of getting credit for these requirements (AP/CLEP), then it is up to the registrar to determine whether your situation warrants credit for either one of these courses. Please contact the Registrar’s office at (817) 257-7825 if you have any questions about AP or CLEP credit.

Can I double major in both English and Writing?
Yes!  You may double major in English and Writing, major in one and minor in the other, or major in English or Writing and minor in Creative Writing. Students have chosen all of these combinations, but you will want to plan your course program with a few rules for the degree in mind.
See instructions here.


Course Subcategories

The majors and minors require students to take classes in several subcategories. See the major and minor requirements or the advising grids for more information. The courses that count in each category are:


English major/minor subcategories

The English minor allows lower-division courses to count for American Literature, British Literature, and Writing). The English major allows only upper-division courses to count as American Literature, British Literature, Writing, and Theory.


Writing major/minor subcategories

The Writing minor requires that the Electives for the minor be upper-division courses if the prefix is ENGL; the same elective requirement allows either upper- or lower-division courses if the prefix is WRIT. Only upper-division courses satisfy the Literature and Language requirement for the Writing major.