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Department of Modern Language Studies

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Open the door to the French-speaking world.

A bridge in Paris

Learning French opens the door to many countries in the world such as Canada, Senegal, Cameroon, Belgium and many more.


Why Study French?

  • Knowing French makes you more competitive in the global job market in fields such as the military, aeronautics, medicine, teaching, travel, business, trade, etc.
  • Will have functional competence in an official language of the UN, NATO, UNESCO, European Union, Doctors without Borders, the International Organization of Francophonie, and the International Red Cross.


Program Overview

Develop your competence in the French language through diverse coursework in language, culture and literature, emphasizing the four areas of language acquisition: speaking, reading, listening and writing.

Your understanding of the French language will cover a broad reach throughout the world—from Louisiana and Québec in North America to South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Our interdisciplinary approach will allow you to dive into the limitless connections that exist among French and all disciplines of the liberal arts through a great variety of courses in geography, art history, theatre, music, political science or religion.

A Major in Modern Languages with a concentration in French offers several exciting semester or summer study abroad opportunities that will boost your proficiency in the language, as well as open your eyes to new people, new places and new ideas. Our top French students are invited to Pi Delta Phi, the National French Honor Society.



 We also offer many opportunities outside of class for you to expand your language skills:

  • Join the community of French learners and speakers on campus by living in the new French Language House residential learning program.
  • Residents experience an immersion environment to increase their proficiency and develop their cultural competence by engaging in cultural activities and events, guided by a native speaker living in the residence.
  • Expand your knowledge and language proficiency at events and activities sponsored by the student-led French club, Ensemble.
  • Explore French cinema by attending the Tournées French Film Festival.
  • Learn French in small classes taught by experienced and caring faculty who are native or near-native speakers of French. Receive individualized help from peers through the Department of Modern Language Studies peer tutoring program.
  • Discover the many ways to make French relevant in your daily life and career.
  • Investigate the possibilities for internships and study abroad programs, including exploration of France and the Francophone world.


Where Graduates Go

Majoring in Modern Languages with a concentration in French opens up a multitude of career paths. Mastery of French and an understanding of the culture in French-speaking countries will prove essential in careers in interpretation, translation, teaching, travel and cuisine. Other fields in which French is useful include art, medicine, nursing, international nonprofit organizations, finance, diplomacy, cinema, technology, engineering, pharmaceuticals, international business, international law and fashion.