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Department of Criminal Justice

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Bachelor of Science (BS) in Criminal Justice

Learn about incarceration and the penal system, parole and probation, policing, criminal investigation, the causes and consequences of crime, the court system, criminal procedure and much more. The Bachelor of Science in criminal justice degree requires a total of 124 semester hours of study.

In addition to the university’s core requirements, criminal justice majors must complete 45 hours specifically in criminal justice courses. This includes foundational courses such as Introduction to Criminal Justice, Critical Issues in Crime and Justice, Criminology, and Research Methods in Criminal Justice, plus advanced courses in theory and on each subcomponent of the criminal justice system – policing, law, court practices and corrections. And you’ll get hands-on experience in a required criminal justice internship.

Degree Requirements

  • CRJU 20123: Career Planning, Ethics and Professional Development
  • CRJU 20413: Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • CRJU 20423: Critical Issues in Crime and Justice
  • CRJU 20873: Criminal Justice Research Methods I
  • CRJU 20883: Criminal Justice Research Methods II 
  • CRJU 30313: Criminology
  • CRJU 30423: Courts and Judicial Procedure
  • CRJU 40963: Internship in Criminal Justice 

(1) Law Enforcement Course

  • CRJU 30613: Police in a Free Society 
  • CRJU 30633: Federal Law Enforcement
  • CRJU 30623: Policing Cyberspace

(1) Law Course

  • CRJU 30433: Criminal Law
  • CRJU 30903: Law and Society

(1) Corrections Course

  • CRJU 30393: Criminal Law
  • CRJU 30643: Community Corrections

(1) Diversity Course

  • CRJU 30853: Multiculturalism in the Criminal Justice System
  • CRJU 40463: Juvenile Delinquency 
  • CRJU 40503: White Collar Crime

Students are required to take (3) elective classes, totaling to (9) semester hours. 

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Minor in Criminal Justice

Requirements for a minor in CRJU include Introduction to Criminal Justice (CRJU 20413), Criminology (CRJU 30313), and 12 CRJU elective hours.