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Advising Tips

  • CRJU classes are taught regularly, although not all required courses are scheduled for every semester.

  • Students are strongly encouraged to complete the major requirements for graduation at their earliest opportunity.

  • CRJU 40963 (Internship in Criminal Justice) is reserved for seniors. Students should contact the Internship Director (Dr. Ronald Burns) during the semester prior to enrollment in the course.

  • Students are encouraged, although not required, to take POSC 10133 (American and Texas Government) to fulfill a Social Science requirement and MATH 10043 (Elementary Statistics) to fulfill the Mathematics requirement.

  • Students must complete an Intent to Graduate form during the first semester of their senior year. This can be done at the AddRan Dean’s office, Suite 2017 of Scharbauer Hall.

  • Students can declare Criminal Justice as their major or minor online through their personal account at

  • You need 124 hours to graduate, 42 hours of upper level classes


Meet your advisor.

  • Log in to
  • Click on the "Student Center" links located in the menu bar.
  • Your advisor is located on the right side of the screen.