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Upcoming Programs


Exploring Human Rights in Sicily

Join us for study abroad in Italy. This is a unique, interdisciplinary opportunity to explore global issues such as human rights, migration, and sustainability through work with NGOs and social services in Siracusa, Sicily. Professors Carol Thompson (sociology and anthropology), Nicholas Albanese (Modern Languages, Italian) and Tracy Rundstrom Williams, Dirctor of Competitive Scholarship (Honors College) will lead the program.  While in Sicily, students will have a balance of coursework, group discussions, visits with NGOs, guided exploration of local sites, and freetime to enjoy this beautiful, beachside location. It is a stunning island with unparalleled learning opportunities for students interested in social, political and justice issues. 

Students will enroll in INTL 30341 in the spring semester which will provide an interdisciplinary introduction to global citizenship, identity, migration, and societal structures in Sicily Students will then participate in the Global Academy experience in Sicily for two weeks, enrolling in INTL 30342.  Students earn GA credit in the core and the courses count toward sociology credit for the major or minor in sociology. 

Dates: June 5, 2024 - June 21, 2024 

Attributes: Sociology Credit, GA Core Credit
Open To: All Students

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Human-Animal Relationships in Borneo

Join us for an inspiring journey deep into the majestic rain forests of Indonesian Borneo to observe orangutan, proboscis monkeys, two species of macaque and a host of other amazing forest animals and exceptional flora. Our trip will take us into the forests of Tanjung Puting National Park to Camp Leakey, where students will learn first-hand from experts involved in orangutan rescue and rehabilitation about the social and cultural drivers of species endangerment and the extraordinary ongoing commitments of local people and non-profit conservation groups to save the orangutans and their forests. As we explore, we will have many opportunities to learn from locals about their deep connections to the forests and the culture and history of the area. The course is open to students from all majors and minors, but is especially relevant for Human-Animal Relationships minors, and majors and minors in Anthropology, Environmental Science and/or Sociology. Graduate students studying in areas related to environmental science or science education may enroll with special permission.

Dates: January 1, 2020 - January 11, 2020
Attributes: GA, CSV
Open To: All Students

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