As a Sociology major, you’ll examine the significant social and cultural forces that shape personal lives, groups, communities, nations and the world. You’ll learn how to navigate complex and social structures and influence social policy and change.


Anthropologists study people — how we interact with each other and our environments, how our cultures are organized and made meaningful and how we evolved into our current forms. You’ll study how biology, economies, politics, religion, technology and geography influence human behavior over time, giving you a better understanding of the present.

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As a sociology or anthropology major, you’ll explore all aspects of the human condition — from the social and cultural forces that shape personal lives to the effects of biology, economics, politics and religion on human behavior.

Sociology and Anthropology News

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Weddings
Dr. Angela Thompson (sociology) is an expert when it comes to weddings. In fact, she teaches a class on it. Sociology of Weddings explores the social ...
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Professor transporting two women in a pedicab
Sociology Professor Helps Students Bridge the Generation Gap With Service
Reposted from Points of Light Finding a common thread between generations can sometimes be difficult these days. So, when one of Dr. Keith Whitworth...
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Food Justice: Exploring Hunger and Nutrition
By Dave Aftandilian, Associate Professor of Anthropology When we think about Thanksgiving plentiful food often comes to mind, and family and friends t...
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Sociology Professor Retiring After 37 Years at TCU
Reposted from TCU 360 Dr. Morrison Wong is finishing up his career as a sociology professor. This semester will be his last after 37 years at TCU. In ...
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Jeanine Gailey
Sociology Professor Discusses Fatphobia and “Hogging” on College Campuses
Jeannine Gailey (Sociology) recently published an article for Inside Higher Ed that focuses on the phenomena of fatphobia and “hogging”, e...
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