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Careers in Sociology

Sociology is a strong match for many career settings. TCU’s applied sociology course will help you navigate your wide-open career possibilities.

TCU sociology majors pursue careers in public, private and post-graduate sectors in government, industry and university settings. Students completing a traditional major have pursued careers in sales, personnel work, public relations and a variety of managerial positions.

Students completing specializations in either law, justice and society or social inequality can pursue careers within the criminal justice or political systems. Students completing a health and well-being emphasis can pursue career options in the medical field.

Alumni Careers

  • Academic administration: associate athletic director, associate director of international undergraduate admission, coordinator, assistant to director, admissions counselor
  • Counseling: case worker, social worker, student assistance counselor, therapist, digital advocate
  • Education (K-12): director, teacher, special education teacher, coach
  • Film/media: independent filmmaker, freelance journalist
  • Graduate school: law student, sociology and social work graduate student, master’s in international development: socioeconomic policies at the University of Manchester, Fulbright (France, Morocco), mortuary school, nursing school
  • Law/legal: Juvenile probation officer, attorney, legal assistant, municipal judge
  • Law enforcement/firefighting: emergency preparedness specialist, police officer, senior special agent
  • Management: human resources, administrator, marketing project, contract evaluation program
  • Medicine: office nurse, ophthalmologist
  • Ministry/church: Episcopal priest, minister, youth services
  • Real estate: sales, realtor, developer, broker
  • Research/informational service: independent contractor, research, IS manager, software analyst
  • Sales and marketing: agent, medical device sales representative, residency recruiter for hospital, program recruiter, pharmaceutical, marketing programs manager
  • Small business owner: owners, presidents, CEOs


Careers in Anthropology

Career opportunities for anthropology majors are wide ranging. Anthropologists work not just in academia and museums, but also in government and private industry positions: cultural resource management, health care, advertising, forensic analysis, social service agencies and international business.

Anthropologists understand how people and cultures work around the world, which makes anthropologists increasingly valuable to employers in a rapidly globalizing world.

Alumni Careers

  • Contract archaeologist
  • Immigration attorney
  • Family representative supervisor
  • Executive assistant to art museum director
  • Demographic researcher for real estate firm
  • President of a small business
  • Urban planner
  • Forensic anthropologist
  • Public health administrator
  • Biomedical researcher