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Faculty Publications

Richard Galvin

Professor and Betty S. Wright Chair in Applied Ethics

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  • Galvin, R. Forthcoming. “Freedom and the Fact of Reason.” Kantian Review.
  • Galvin, R. Forthcoming. “Obligations to the Cognitively Impaired in Nonstructured Contexts,” in Thomas E. Hill and Adam Cureton (eds.), Disability in Practice, Oxford University Press. pp. 204-226.
  • Galvin, R. 2017. “Kant’s Two Facts of Reason,” History of Philosophy Quarterly 43(1): 37-56.
  • Galvin, R. and Harris, J. 2014. “Individual Moral Responsibility and the Problem of Climate Change.” Analyse & Kritik 36(2): 383-396.
  • Galvin, R. 2013. “Practical Uncertainty, Practical Contradiction and Logical Contradiction.” History of Philosophy Quarterly 30(4): 349-270.

John Harris

Associate Professor and Department Chair

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  • Galvin, R and Harris. J. 2014. “Individual Moral Responsibility and the Problem of Climate Change.” Analyse & Kritik 36(2): 383-396.
  • Harris, J. 2012. “Can Kant’s Three Formulations of the Categorical Imperative Be Unified?” Southwest Philosophy Review 28(2): 91-94.
  • Harris, J. and Galvin, R. 2012. “Pass the Cocoamone, Please: Causal Impotence, Opportunistic Carnivorism, and Act- Utilitarianism.” Ethics, Policy, and Environment 15(3): 1-16.
  • Harris, J. “Severing the Tie Between Political Authority and Political Obligation.” Southwest Philosophical Studies 33.
Blake Hestir

Blake Hestir


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  • Hestir, B. 2016. Plato on the Metaphysical Foundation of Meaning and Truth. Cambridge University Press.
  • Hestir, B. 2013. “Aristotle’s Conception of Truth: An Alternative View.” Journal of the History of Philosophy 51(2): 193–222.
  • Hestir, B. 2004. “Plato and the Split Personality of Ontological Alêtheia,” Apeiron 37(2): 109–50.
  • Hestir, B. 2003. “A ‘Conception’ of Truth in Plato’s Sophist.” Journal of the History of Philosophy 41(1): 1–24.
Kelly McCormick, Ph.D.

Kelly McCormick

Associate Professor

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  • McCormick, K. Forthcoming. “Meeting the Eliminitivist Burden.” Social Philosophy & Policy (36): 1
  • McCormick, K. Forthcoming. “Basic Desert and the Appropriateness of Blame,” in Joseph Klein Campbell (ed.), The Blackwell Companion to Free Will.
  • McCormick, K. 2017. “Luck’s Mischief and the Prescriptivist Burden.” Criminal Justice Ethics 36(3): 297-313.
  • McCormick, K. 2017. “Why We Should(n’t) be Discretionists About Free Will.” Philosophical Studies 174(10): 2489-2498.
  • McCormick, K. 2017. “Revisionism” in Neil Levy, Meghan Griffith, and Kevin Timpe (eds), The Routledge Companion to Free Will. Routledge. pp. 109-120.

William Roche


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  • Roche, W. Forthcoming. “The Perils of Parsimony.” Journal of Philosophy.
  • Roche, W. Forthcoming. “Is Evidence of Evidence Evidence? Screening-Off vs. No-Defeaters.” Episteme.
  • Roche, W. Forthcoming. “Foundationalism with Infinite Regresses of Probabilistic Support.” Synthese.
  • Roche, W. 2018. “Is There a Place in Bayesian Confirmation Theory for the Reverse Matthew Effect?” Synthese 195(4): 1631-1648.
  • Roche, W. and Shogenji, T. 2018. “Information and Inaccuracy.” British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 69(2): 577-604.