Why Study Philosophy?

A major in philosophy is a major in thinking. Learn to ask the deeper questions and evaluate the world around you while developing critical thinking skills that will last you a lifetime.

Find Your Passion

Philosophy majors can choose from a variety of study paths that cater to your interests – from philosophy of law to epistemology.


Learn more about the many ways philosophy can be used and applied in our world today by attending one of our events.

As a philosophy major, you’ll construct, defend and criticize alternative positions on fundamental issues that humans have explored throughout existence. As you come to understand the merit of positions on complex issues, you’ll discover meaning in your own life.

Philosophy News

Exploring Moral Vegetarianism with Professor John Harris
By Amanda Smiley, Class of 2019 Keeping up with the growing number of “fad” diets can be exhausting. Vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, glut...
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LinkedIn Founder Discusses the Value of his Philosophy Degree
Reposted from Business Insider By Richard Feloni Reid Hoffman is the billionaire cofounder of LinkedIn and one of tech’s most influential inves...
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International Philosophers Discuss Consciousness and the Human Mind
The Ronald E. Moore Humanities Symposium, “Consciousness,” will take place March 27-29 on the TCU campus and will bring together ten international...
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