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Language Placement Policy

Students have several options for finding the appropriate level at which they should start their language studies at TCU. View the policy.


Suggested Course Sequence

Spanish majors, please observe the following sequence of courses. Even though study abroad may alter this block schedule, it is strongly suggested that you follow the sequence in choosing your courses. Consult with your academic adviser whenever in doubt. A semester abroad implies that you may complete your requirements before your date of graduation. Learn more.

Map your degree plan progress with this course checklist.


Senior Exit Interview

Spanish majors who have completed their degree requirements can help us to improve the quality of the Spanish program at Texas Christian University. Take the exit interview.


Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the questions most often asked by students about placement, enrollment and prerequisites, major and minor requirements, and study abroad. Learn more.


We strongly recommend that Spanish and Hispanic studies majors gain an international experience by studying in a Spanish-speaking country, preferably for a semester or year. You’ll make huge strides in your speaking ability, while enhancing your career opportunities and cross-cultural competence.

Study Abroad Guide