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Minor in Spanish for Business Professions

The minor in Spanish for business professions consists of 21 credit hours at the level of 20103 and above. It is designed to provide students the ability to communicate in Spanish in a business setting.

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The minor in Spanish for Business Professions consists of 21 credit hours at the level of 20103 and above. The following courses are required:

  • SPAN 31603 – Spanish for Business Professions 1 (fall only)
  • SPAN 42603 – Spanish for Business Professions 2 (spring only)
  • Any courses taught in Spanish at the 30000 or 40000 level may be taken as an elective.

Highly recommended is SPAN 31203 (Writing), which is a prerequisite for all content courses.

A native speaker is considered someone who completed his or her primary and secondary education in a Spanish-speaking country. A heritage speaker is someone who was primarily educated in U.S. schools but speaks Spanish in the home, and with friends and co-workers, and is quite fluent.

Native and heritage speakers will not receive credit for Spanish 31103 (Oral Communication in Spanish); they should select another course at the 30000 level and above.

Native speakers will not receive credit for Spanish 31203 (Writing) or 31403 (Advanced Spanish Grammar).

Any deviation from these regulations must be discussed with the Department Chair.

Courses taken Pass/No-Credit and courses in which the student earns below a “C” will not count toward the minor.

Study abroad is recommended for all Spanish for Business Professions students. Besides the enormous improvement they will gain in their speaking ability, the international experience will enhance their career opportunities and cross-cultural competence. Once the program is established the Department of Spanish and Hispanic Studies will work with the Neeley School of Business to integrate a business dimension into the department’s existing study abroad programs.  Similarly, internship and service learning opportunities will be identified.

Up to nine of the twenty-one required credits may be taken at an approved study-abroad site. In order to receive credit, the student must meet with advisors from the Neeley School of Business, the Spanish & Hispanic Studies Department and the Center for International Studies prior to departure to obtain approval for coursework abroad to transfer to TCU.

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